We care about users, but also about your business.
Each of our projects helps businesses understand
their users, to create a more sustainable, successful

Improve Your
Website Usability

UX testing

Get a solid basis for redesigns.

When you redesign, you need to find out your website's choke points -- the design elements keeping users from doing what they need to do.

We'll take your team on a usability session, to learn about how people use your website or app.

"It’s an eye-opener for the designers...
We realized certain things that we can do better, not just on a design level, but on a content level as well.”

Discover Opportunities for Relevant Features

Discovery Research
Customer Journey Mapping

Plot your product roadmap,

Our most-requested service.  Useful for teams entering a new market, or creating an industry disruptor.

We’ll uncover the features that are critical to users, by pinpointing needs and gaps in the customer journey.

"Sometimes, we get caught up in targets; we don’t pay attention to the customer... It’s more about ‘what’s cool’.  But, do they really need it?  And, am I actually listening to them?"

Fix Userflow Issues and Reach
Conversion Goals

UX or Interaction Design

Make your product idea real and testable.

“A picture may be worth a thousand words; but a prototype is worth a thousand meetings."

Photoshop files are no longer the most efficient way to express web design.  Creating a prototype helps teams have a live, moving design of their idea faster, rather than waiting for final art and web development to finish before you can check whether the design works.

A prototyping workflow helps your team document and build the design -- e.g. Which pages lead to others; What creative solutions to try to increase leads.

"...know our customers' needs, ensuring that our product looked great from the very beginning”

Apply a
Design Process
Within Your Team

Team Training Workshops

Learn by doing.

Learn how you can deal with organizational challenges in applying UCD, from low UX manpower (the team Unicorn) to missing design requirements (What’s in a “UX brief”?).

We’re lucky to have done Product Research and User-Centered Design throughout the course of our careers, and across a range of digital product types.  We love that there are teams who also want to design better products for users, even if they feel that they don't know how to do it yet.  This is our way of helping more Filipinos practice relevant design in their own companies.