Identifying the Effectiveness of Web Design with Paper Prototypes

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Nuworks Interactive Labs is an award-winning independent digital agency.

In its 6 years of existence, it has already won the 2015 Agency of the Year Award for Production.  And this is largely because of a commitment to improving its design processes.

When Nuworks was given its first e-commerce project, the Nuworks production team, led by Tom de Leon III, knew it had to beef up its practice of user experience (UX) design - to ensure an effective check-out flow for its client.

The Work

We used a paper prototyping method to draw out usage insights from the research participants.

Even before developers wrote a line of code, we identified the steps where users had most trouble with the flow - stopping users from accomplishing primary tasks like completing an order, or even secondary support tasks.

The Impact

Right after testing was done, we immediately held a debriefing session, where the Nuworks strategy and design teams learned key things to improve on in the design.

The full usability report gave them a summary about the user journeys that were effectively designed, and the specific points to improve on to increase comprehension, a usability metric that is critical to e-commerce.

Nuworks was able to apply the key learnings for both the mobile and desktop designs prior to coding, because of the speed of the research turnaround and their hands-on involvement in the testing.  This saved them product development resources overall — more concretely, it saved at least 4 days work of web development revisions, because they were able to catch userflow trouble spots during an early design stage.

Project Notes

Delivery is a critical part of a food service -- allowing products to reach customers beyond those who transact in-store.  And for a food service brand with an already wide reach (over 250 branches all over the Philippines) that tops surveys for consumer preference, having efficient online delivery opens up the revenue stream and allows even more Filipinos to enjoy their products.

Our Project Partner

“It’s an eye-opener for the designers.  We realized certain things that we can do better, not just on a design level, but on a content level as well - how we structure and prioritize content.” 

I’m currently the operations director of Nuworks, also managing partner of Nuworks.  I handle 5 departments... specifically - Creatives, the Engagement team, UX, Dev and QA.

I get to interact with different departments. For this exercise, the different departments were able to contribute to the exercise of the usability test we did.  I think that should really be the essence of UX, it’s not just a singular department that is autonomously performing the tasks of a UX specialist.


Identifying the Effectiveness of Web Design with Paper Prototypes


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